Are you ready for Jason? Friday the 13th Video Game coming May 26

written by Alana Evans-

As a huge horror game fan, I couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming release of the Friday the 13th video game from publisher Gun Media. Given a May release date which is right around the corner, I am already planning my first stream! The game offers every possible awesome scenario, giving you the option to play as either a camper or as Jason Voorhees. Probably one of the coolest features of the game is that OG Jason stuntman/actors Kane Hodder assumes the role again in the motion capture sequences, making this game completely legit.

Designed by Ronnie Hobbs for Gun Media and Illfonic, Friday the 13th gives horror fans all the blood, gore, and intensity you could hope for. Watching the trailer, you can see Jason’s classic style of killing campers with his brutal machete is portrayed perfectly in all it’s bloody glory. The graphics and functioning of the playing characters isn’t over done nor will it win any awards, but the quality is enough to keep you entertained. With a title like this, fans expect the story to follow the classic movies, and this seems to be properly represented.

At the time of release, only multiplayer gameplay will be available but the folks behind the game say they’re working on bots to enable single player action. I can’t imagine finding other players across the world who want to kill or be killed wont be that difficult. With a few different campers, and one Jason, I’m sure the game play will definitely be stream worthy! I’m already planning my team of invincible campers to take on the masked monster!

This game honestly seems quite revolutionary, since I can’t really think of any other video game involving a similar concept. I am hoping the ideas conveyed in the game play will inspire creators of mainstream horror films to give us more video games, as there is definitely an active audience.

The latest trailer for the game is listed below! Watch and make your own opinion!

May 26th, Friday the 13th the video game will be available on PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft .

Alana Evans is the founder and owner of She is an obsessed gamer, streamer, and reviewer. A former video game reviewer for HighTimes Magazine, she also hosted the Naughty Gamer show for Playboy Radio. She currently hosts the PwnedByGirls Podcast and streams live on Twitch.

A little known Star Wars Audition…

Written by Alana Evans–

Every once in a while, you stumble upon a rare opportunity and you must drop everything and go! One such occasion came up this week, when I was offered comp’d tickets from my good friend Julian Douglas to see 80’s band Berlin. Being the massive fan that I am, the school girl inside of me squealed with joy as I imagined myself as a child dancing around and singing Terri Nunn’s iconic words and idolizing her every move.

I never imagined Terri could be any cooler in my eyes, until the show at the House of Blues in Anaheim at their new Garden Walk location. Normally I don’t discuss concerts on this website, but what occurred in front of myself and others is a moment that I must share with all my nerd friends. Terri Nunn, the lead singer of Berlin, actually auditioned for the role of Princess Leia! During the concert, Terri played the actual footage from her audition where she read lines with Harrison Ford. As a massive Star Wars fan, I was so excited to capture the moment on my cellphone for you all to enjoy!  While the footage is shot with my cellphone, you can still clearly enjoy the clip. Terri even talks about it at the end, and says she’s happy she didn’t get the job!  Pretty cool to see some of Carrie FIsher’s competition.

Alana Evans is the founder and owner of She is an obsessed gamer, streamer, and reviewer. A former video game reviewer for HighTimes Magazine, she also hosted the Naughty Gamer show for Playboy Radio. She currently hosts the PwnedByGirls Podcast and streams live on Twitch.

San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner!

written by- Alana Evans

Con season has started up again, and we are in full swing. After WonderCon is over, it is always difficult not to begin the countdown for San Diego Comic Con. Definitely the largest convention of it’s kind, the San Diego event draws thousands of fans every year to the Gas Lamp district. I remember my first comic con and it was at the Shriner’s Auditorium. The booths were merely tables loaded with boxes of comics or VHS tapes. There would be only a few celebrity appearances, consisting mostly of comic book artists and voice over actors. It is easy to say things have changed. As the convention grew, the fandom grew along with it. Comic Con type shows happen in nearly all 50 states, with fans ready to spend their hard earned cash.

I have been lucky enough to attend numerous shows over the years, mostly while volunteering for the Hollywood Sci Fi Museum or just writing for PwnedByGirls. The excitement and planning often involve months of serious effort, building my cosplays, and saving up the cash for the trip! Attending conventions can be quite expensive, but each year is worth the investment. I often encourage fans to attend the comic conventions in their hometowns to prepare themselves for the big show! The crowds can be overwhelming to say the least.

The last Comic Con in San Diego was quite awesome. My favorite booth was the Microsoft booth showcasing Gears of War 4. Being a massive fan of the series, I was quite disappointed that there was no playable version of the game at e3. The Microsoft team totally made up for that at Comic Con, and I made my friends endure the wait so that I could play prior to it’s release. It did not disappoint. As I was playing, a fan came by to say hello and ask for a photo with me. After we snapped his photo, I made sure he got a photo of me playing the game!

Another booth I absolutely loved was sponsored by the History channel. Vikings is one of my favorite shows, so I jumped at the chance to enjoy their experience. The word ENJOY doesn’t exactly describe the emotions I felt. As we stepped into a circular room, the door quickly closed behind us and the room went dark. After just a moment, our senses were peaked by flashing lights and sprays of mist. As the room was lit up by each flash, I quickly learned we were surrounded by massive snakes! They were inside of a glass enclosure that completely surrounded us. Panic set in and once the “experience’ was over, I needed a hug from the hot guy who ran the booth. I was mortified. But alas, what did I expect from a Vikings experience?

As the next Comic Con approaches, my expectations rise and the excitement continues to grow. Be sure to check out our entire gallery of  photos from San Diego Comic Con 2017.

Alana Evans is the founder and owner of She is an obsessed gamer, streamer, and reviewer. A former video game reviewer for HighTimes Magazine, she also hosted the Naughty Gamer show for Playboy Radio. She currently hosts the PwnedByGirls Podcast and streams live on Twitch.

Wondercon 2017

written by Alana Evans– April 4, 2017–

Every spring, comic culture fans and cosplayers descend into the heart of Anaheim for one of the cities favorite events, Wondercon. While southern California sees it’s fair share of comic conventions, Wondercon is one of the more family friendly events, quite possibly because it’s located so closely to Disneyland. This year’s event was a welcomed treat being back at the convention center. Due to construction at the venue in 2016,  Wondercon was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, leaving many con goers a bit disappointed being relocated to the downtown Los Angeles area.

Returning to Anaheim this year definitely had a twist of is own. One of the best locations to take photos of your favorite cosplayers, the water fountain that sits on the walkway between the Hilton Hotel, the Marriott, and the convention center, was completely locked off for badge holders only. Instead of the entrance into Wondercon being the actual convention center doors, like normal, the wonderful folks behind Wondercon felt it best to start the “check in process” at the sidewalk. Every exit from a parking structure, hotel door, and sidewalk was ‘guarded” with gates and security. What was once a great area for people to enjoy just showing up to take photos, was shut down by corporate. There may be for a few simple reasons for doing this, such as keeping the foot traffic down, the crowds to a minimum, or it could be a guaranteed way to sell every last ticket. The financial benefit for “Comic-Con” who owns and runs “Wondercon,” was clear. Nearly every day of the event was sold out. Once cosplayers knew they couldn’t get to the water fountain for their photo opportunities with fans and press, those passes sold like NES classics.

Once you got passed the entrance drama, the show was amazing! This year seemed to be the largest Wondercon yet, with several halls filled to the brim with booths and artists. I am always excited when I come upon my favorite artists, whether they’re someone I’ve met before, or someone I’m a fan girl of, this year is no different. One of my favorite artists and writers, Dj Kirkbride, was at the show promoting his newest comic, the once and future Queen, from Dark Horse Comics. After saying hello and snagging a copy, I continued through artists alley on my search for artwork. I truly love spending my hard earned cash on independent artists. Loading my walls up with comic book style artwork is a  true passion and discovering new artists always gets me excited. I met up with artist Chris Thorne, who recreated me as a perfect zombie! This was a great way to spend my money! Not only was I getting a custom piece of art, it was created to resemble me! I can’t think of a better way to appeal to my vanity.

A total con favorite for myself along with many others, is the Hollywood Sci Fi Museum booth. This year, the set up at their booth was no less than a Trekkie’s dream! The booth featured a remake of the ENTIRE bridge from the original Star Trek,as well as amazing wax figures of Spock and Captain Kirk. The coolest feature of this years Hollywood Sci Fi Museum was the appearance of Nichelle Nichols, Uhura of Star Trek. Huston Huddleston, founder and head of the museum, is always working to make the booth bigger and better with each event, and this year was no different.

After snagging gifts for the ones I care enough to spend money on, including myself, I wandered outside to enjoy the cosplayers in action. The incredible array of design and hard work invested in the costumes around me always puts a massive smile on face. It’s reminiscent to seeing your favorite Disney characters while enjoying the magical kingdom close by. I love seeing my favorite cosplayers and checking out their latest creations. It truly makes the con experience whole.

As with most every comic convention I attend, my crew always consists of fellow PwnedByGirls gamer and contributor Penny Lane. We spent our hours away from the show catching up on Galaxy Falls and dressing up like unicorns. There is nothing better than con life. Below is a sample of our antics… for the full gallery, visit the WonderCon 2017 page.

Alana Evans is the founder and owner of She is an obsessed gamer, streamer, and reviewer. A former video game reviewer for HighTimes Magazine, she also hosted the Naughty Gamer show for Playboy Radio. She currently hosts the PwnedByGirls Podcast and streams live on Twitch.

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PwnedByGirls Down Under!

Sexpo Australia is an amazing event, and our very own SuperPinkNinja Alana Evans attended the show in Melbourne this past Thanksgiving Holiday. For four days, Alana enjoyed gaming with fans and judging the incredible cosplay contest, hosted by Australia’s cosplay Queen Lucie Bee. Here are a just a few photos from the week!

For the entire gallery, click here.