Tuesday’s DnD show!

As you may know, every Tuesday is slam packed with gamer action! First up is the PwnedByGirls Podcast, with Dungeon’s and Dragons with the Spartan Show.

This week, Michael, our dungeon master, totally kicked ass and made some awesome artwork featuring all the awesome characters from the show.

Be sure to join us every Tuesday night 10pm PST- 2am PST!


Watch live video from TheSpartanShow on www.twitch.tv


Do you love role playing with your friends, throwing the dice, and watching the chaos unfold? So do we! Now we get to show you every Tuesday night! Alana has been invited to join the cast of The Spartan Show as they live stream Legends: Throught The Shadows Dungeons and Dragons on Twitch! Eleanora “Marvisha” Snowden, a half elf fighter who loves to dance in blood, is played by Alana. The Dungeon Master for each round is Spartan, who has an incredible way of driving the story for our crew. Other characters include Emil the Healer, Gavin the Swordsman, Dink the fiesty Gnome, and Dao the half elf Ranger. Every player of the game is live streamed in, and we play using Fantasy Grounds, so you can enjoy all aspects of the game as we play!

Every Tuesday night join us for our four hours stream!! from 10pm-2am PST/ 1am-5am EST. If you miss the live stream, you can always catch our past broadcast on twitch!

Watch live video from TheSpartanShow on www.twitch.tv

Valentine’s Day PwnedByGirls Podcast!!

It’s February 14, Valentine’s Day… but for many gamers and single folks, it’s just another day! Don’t let the Valentine’s Day blues take over! Have some fun today with Lil Blue Box and Alana Evans. Today’s podcast goes live at 5:15pm PST/ 8:15pm EST right here thanks to Demon Seed Radio! Listen at the player below and download our past episodes on iTunes and Google Play!

February 7 PwnedByGirls Podcast is back!

Hey Ninjas!! After the holiday break and the AVN craze, we are back! I’m super excited to say that the PwnedByGirls Podcast is returning for a live show on February 7 5:15pm PST/ 8:15pm EST. Tune in to the show at the link below to listen> Your hosts Alana Evans and LilBlueBox will be catching up and talking about the latest in Gamer action!

PwnedByGirls Down Under!

Sexpo Australia is an amazing event, and our very own SuperPinkNinja Alana Evans attended the show in Melbourne this past Thanksgiving Holiday. For four days, Alana enjoyed gaming with fans and judging the incredible cosplay contest, hosted by Australia’s cosplay Queen Lucie Bee. Here are a just a few photos from the week!

For the entire gallery, click here.

Jan 3 PwnedByGirls Podcast live!

It has been an incredible Christmas break, with our PwnedByGirls gamers enjoying the holidays. We hope everyone is ready for a happy new year and we are excited to bring back the PwnedByGirls podcast for 2017! Join us tonight as we talk about the holidays, the latest in gaming, and custom controllers, with your hosts Alana Rvans and LilBlueBox Join us at 5:15 PM PST or 8:15 PM EST right here! If you miss our live broadcast, visit iTunes and download all of our past shows!

PwnedByGirls Podcast with Guest Ivy Lane

Join your hosts Alana Evans and Lil Blue Box for another live installment of the PwnedByGirls Podcast! This week the girls will review Dead Rising 4, Mafia III, as wells tech news, geek news, and more. Our guest this week is Cosplayer and Aussie Adult Star Ivy Lane. Besides being an awesome gamer and cosplayer, Ivy was one of the awesome contestants from Sexpo’s Sexy Cosplay contest!

Be sure to tune in to the live broadcast in the US Tuesday from 5:15pm PST/ 8:15pm EST. To listen in Melbourne, Australia, it’s Wednesday at 12:15pm!


PwnedByGirls Podcast tonight!

Join us for another live installment of the pwnedbygirls podcast tonight! Our special guest is the founder and creator of the Hollywood SciFi Museum and Hollywood Horror Museum Huston Huddleston! We will also be reviewing the new Gears of War 4, the exploding Samsung, and New York Comic Con!

As always, if you miss the live show, you can download past episodes on itunes, Google Play, and Switcher!

The show starts at 5:15pm PST/ 8:15pm EST and we’re live for two hours!