Batman Arkham Knight video review

Alana Evans plays and reviews Batman Arkham Knight on the Xbox One console. While the game is absolutely awesome, playing it one the Xbox One was a terrible choice. The game froze repeatedly, which was incredibly annoying. Thankfully, the save feature is pretty accurate, so I was able to continue my game play close to where it locked up. Check out the video and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel.

Hunt Cards on the Go – Loot and Legends Available Now on iOS

LLA Unique Treasure – Loot and Legends Available Now on iOS!

Are you ready for a tale of fantasy, conquest, and pizza? Loot & Legends has arrived on the App Store!

Watch the Loot & Legends Launch Trailer:

Build your party of heroes, earn cool loot, and take on magical enemies in a fantastic adventure that’s inspired by all your best memories of tabletop gaming.

Developed by Dropforge Games, Loot & Legends is an adaptation of the wonderfully well received card-based PC role-playing game Card Hunter, for iOS.

Built from the ground up for mobile platforms, Loot & Legends puts the fantasy experience in the palm of your hand, allowing you jump into an adventure wherever you roam.

Utilize skill, cunning and above all else, strategy as you use your powers to take down enemies in an effort fulfill your quest to become a true legend!

Will you succeed?

Loot & Legends launches is available now on the App Store!

Official Website:
App Store page:

The Technomancer at Gamescon 2015

In this video, supported by music from renowned composer Olivier Derivière (Remember Me, Assassin’s Creed IV – Freedom Cry…) who composes the game’s Soundtrack, we watch our hero Zachariah attempting to communicate with Earth, as he is chased by Mars’ illusive secret police, tasked with hunting down the rogue Technomancer across the post-apocalyptic red planet. A relic of Mars’ ancient human history, your journey with Zachariah starts long after human colonization of Mars, with its artifacts sprawled about the Martian landscape — including hordes of humans physically scarred by cataclysms of the past.

Mars’ world holds many secrets, and The Technomancer’s quests yield many results depending on how you choose to solve them. Learn more about the world by interacting with the companions who join your party, and level them up as you build friendships with them. An RPG, The Technomancer features three exciting combat styles and many ways to improve both melee combat and your Technomancer lightning abilities, intertwined with the melee combat in the game.

‘Tales from the Borderlands’ Episode 4 LIVE Crowd Play at PAX Prime

PAX flyer
Play the Penultimate Episode of the Critically-Acclaimed Series with Telltale Games Staff and Cast

Calling all Borderlands fans at PAX Prime! Join Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Games Series devs and cast for a special “Crowd Play” event on Saturday, August 29th at 8:30pm, where we’ll be playing Episode 4: ‘Escape Plan Bravo’ LIVE on a theater-style setup fit for Handsome Jack himself.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 LIVE Crowd Play
Where: Wyvern Theater
When: Saturday, August 29th @ 8:30PM
We’ll need all 500 audience members to help us steer the decisions in this penultimate episode of the season, so come equipped with your shouty voice and ready to participate in an evening that should be loads of fun (and probably just a little bit ridiculous). Cosplay is welcomed, and fair warning: there will be giveaways!

7e866f0a-5340-4951-861c-2e0485bacee9Look for Episode 4 screenshots, trailer, and release dates in the near future, and stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info about Telltale’s happenings at PAX Prime.

Set on the unforgiving world of Pandora after the events seen in Borderlands 2, Tales from the Borderlands is a five part episodic game series full of Borderlands’ trademark humor following two adventurers on their quest for greatness.

GamesBeat awarded the season premiere of Tales from the Borderlands a 96/100 score, calling it, “A hilarious knockout,” adding, “Zer0 Sum stands tall as the ultimate point-and-click science project: combine the beloved Borderlands lore and setting with the shining vision of an artistic studio, crank up the heat, and enjoy.” GameSpot awarded the episode a 9 out of 10 score, calling the episode, “…a beautiful new twist on the Borderlands experience with loveable leads and breathless action sequences.” Destructoid also awarded the game a 9 out of 10 score, saying, “Telltale really knocked it out of the park with this one,” later adding, “…this might be the funniest Borderlands game to date.”

In their review of Episode 2, Polygon praised writing that “crackles with the sort of life and energy that drives the best comedy,” while IGN said “it constantly oscillates between thrilling action scenes, hilarious back-and-forth banter, and some poignant character moments… I consider myself completely on board for Telltale’s wild ride.” Entertainment Weekly also declared the season so far as one of their favorite games of 2015, saying, “do not miss one of year’s most engaging and hilarious rides.”

Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Games Series – Episode 4: ‘Escape Plan Bravo’ is rated ‘M’ (Mature) for Blood, Strong Language, and Violence by the ESRB. The series is published digitally by Telltale Games in partnership with Gearbox Software and 2K.

For more information on Telltale Games, visit the official website, Facebook, and follow Telltale Games on Twitter.

For more information on Gearbox Software, visit the official website, follow Gearbox Software on Twitter, and like Borderlands on Facebook.

MEG 9: Lost Echoes hits Steam Greenlight

meg9logoblackbackgroundMEG 9: Lost Echoes introduces players to brand new world of vehicular tactical-action, developed by Vancouver-based Skunkwerks Kinetic in collaboration with science-fiction author William Gibson.

Within the hostile environment of the Probability Aperture, a high-tech research complex called Horizon vanished from the grid. In the darkness, surrounded by nightmarish creatures, the lone AI-construct MEG has triggered a distress call.

Take control of the Rig, a massive 10-ton remote-operated vehicle outfitted with the latest in military hardware, as you uncover the secrets that lay within the walls of Horizon.

Utilize your only ally, MEG, to collect parts, hack terminals and deploy units against the relentless enemy.


“It’s been a long journey, but now that we are finally pulling back the curtain on MEG 9: Lost Echoes, we couldn’t be more excited.” says Creative Director, Stephen Parkes. ”William Gibson has helped us tremendously in creating such a rich narrative playground, and we can’t wait to show more of it to folks at PAX Prime 2015!”

MEG 9: Lost Echoes will be playable at PAX Prime 2015. Stop by booth #6905 if you’d like to go hands-on and explore Horizon. Visit the website for more information.

Brand New Video! Mortal Kombat battle on SPEED!

Some of the best old school fighting games gave you the option to enter a code to change up the game play. Some codes gave you special abilities while others might change the look of your characters. I was capturing some footage from the last Mortal Kombat, and we entered some awesome codes we discovered. This battle video with Sonya Blade and Liu Kang, and the code we entered, actually sped up the game play! It’s quite hilarious! Enjoy the video and subscribe to our Youtube page!

Alana Evans live streams with the Avenger Controller Reflex!

51-300x199This past week was quite eventful! Our friends with Avenger, the controller mod company, sent us their brand new product to have some fun with! I did a live video stream using their product on Thursday, and it was posted through a great website, Vidfall. After receiving my package, I couldn’t wait to open it up and test it out! The Avenger Reflex is an adapter that attaches to your Xbox One or Ps4 controller. With the snap of a few pegs, you transform your controller into a weapon of mass destruction.

With unique triggers and positioning, the Avenger Reflex allows you to incorporate the use of other fingers to push your active buttons and free up your right thumb to stay on the directional stick. While this may sound like no big deal, using the Avenger Reflex gives you far more control over your character’s or weapon abilities. While it comes with a learning curve, mastering of the adapter won’t take long.

During my live stream for the Avenger Controller’s Twitch page, I played three different styles of games. First off was Batman Arkham Knight for some hero ass kicking and Batmobile driving. While I struggled a bit playing the new Harley Quinn storyline, simply because I was playing without sound, I killed it playing as Batman. The Avenger Reflex gave me so much more control over the Batmobile, which has been a struggle for gamers to operate. Switching from X to Y for combos during the fight sequences was so fast, I could hardly keep up! That’s definitely a good thing!

My second attempt with the Avenger Reflex was one of my favorite first person shooters, Borderlands The Prequel. I wanted to show off the speed and chaos the Avenger Reflex adds to game play. With the rubber straps under your controller adapter, your trigger speed is enhanced and perfected with the flick of your middle finger. It seems quite appropriate for blasting Scavs and Lunatics.

Finally, I wrapped up the two hour stream session by getting my butt kicked in some Mortal Kombat X. This is where that learning curve comes into play. All fighting fans know that winning is all about the combos! Because I was clearly thinking too much about my other fingers landing combos, I basically sucked, LOL! Who am I kidding. It was straight murder on my soul haha. I love fighting games. They are my hidden weakness. So needless to say, my current goal is to practice more with the Avenger Reflex AND redeem myself. It will happen!

After spending some real time playing with the Avenger Reflex on my Xbox One, I’ve gotta say I love it! I’m looking forward to using it more, and perfecting my skill! Be sure to check out their website, follow Avenger on Twitter, check out Vidfall, and watch the recorded stream! Here are a few cips from the stream. Visit our LIVE SHOWS page to see them all!

Watch live video from AvengerController on Twitch

Watch live video from AvengerController on Twitch