STAR WARS : THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer sends fans into a frenzy!

Some movies take you back to your childhood, and others make you feel like you’ve never left. For me, the STAR WARS series has always been a big part of my life, as a kid and as an adult. When Disney purchased the franchise and it’s studio, Lucas Arts, fans across the world rejoiced the return, but many have been concerned about it being DISNEYFIED. I think today’s trailer has cleared up most, if not all concerns about the The Force Awakens awesomeness, even if it has stirred up ignorant controversy.

Since when is Star Wars controversial? In recent months, idiotic parents were in an uproar of the Slave Leia dolls, while today’s trailer brought out the racists. How in a country where we are supposed to be a large melting pot of cultures, including Jedi’s and Sith’s, can the force cause drama? With the announcement of a handsome black young man, John Boyega, leading the cast, the racists have come out in protest saying Star Wars is promoting white genocide… what the hell? Some are even calling for the Boycott of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as if SW fans would even be a part of this disgusting display of hate.

Lucky for us, most Star Wars fans are quite loving and accepting of the numerous races of humans and aliens , that the stories feature. Star Wars fans are not racists. The franchise is not racist. The suggestion of either is absolutely hilarious. Fans proved they have no interest in this boycott, as tickets went on sale. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are lighting up with photos of eager fan’s receipts of purchase! While I expect tickets will become harder to get, as apps and websites are struggling with the demand, I wonder how long before they’re offered up on Craigslist. lol

If you missed the awesome trailer that was aired tonight during Monday Night Football, give it a watch here. If you already saw it, watch it again! I don’t know about you, but I cried. Yes, I know, I’m a nerd.

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