Hunt Cards on the Go – Loot and Legends Available Now on iOS

LLA Unique Treasure – Loot and Legends Available Now on iOS!

Are you ready for a tale of fantasy, conquest, and pizza? Loot & Legends has arrived on the App Store!

Watch the Loot & Legends Launch Trailer:

Build your party of heroes, earn cool loot, and take on magical enemies in a fantastic adventure that’s inspired by all your best memories of tabletop gaming.

Developed by Dropforge Games, Loot & Legends is an adaptation of the wonderfully well received card-based PC role-playing game Card Hunter, for iOS.

Built from the ground up for mobile platforms, Loot & Legends puts the fantasy experience in the palm of your hand, allowing you jump into an adventure wherever you roam.

Utilize skill, cunning and above all else, strategy as you use your powers to take down enemies in an effort fulfill your quest to become a true legend!

Will you succeed?

Loot & Legends launches is available now on the App Store!

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MEG 9: Lost Echoes hits Steam Greenlight

meg9logoblackbackgroundMEG 9: Lost Echoes introduces players to brand new world of vehicular tactical-action, developed by Vancouver-based Skunkwerks Kinetic in collaboration with science-fiction author William Gibson.

Within the hostile environment of the Probability Aperture, a high-tech research complex called Horizon vanished from the grid. In the darkness, surrounded by nightmarish creatures, the lone AI-construct MEG has triggered a distress call.

Take control of the Rig, a massive 10-ton remote-operated vehicle outfitted with the latest in military hardware, as you uncover the secrets that lay within the walls of Horizon.

Utilize your only ally, MEG, to collect parts, hack terminals and deploy units against the relentless enemy.


“It’s been a long journey, but now that we are finally pulling back the curtain on MEG 9: Lost Echoes, we couldn’t be more excited.” says Creative Director, Stephen Parkes. ”William Gibson has helped us tremendously in creating such a rich narrative playground, and we can’t wait to show more of it to folks at PAX Prime 2015!”

MEG 9: Lost Echoes will be playable at PAX Prime 2015. Stop by booth #6905 if you’d like to go hands-on and explore Horizon. Visit the website for more information.

0RBITALIS Launches onto Steam Today with Out-of-this-World Trailer

LONDON, May 28, 2015 – 0RBITALIS, the minimalist puzzle game that pits you against the power of gravity, exits Steam Early Access today, now available for PC and Mac with a 25% discount for the first week of release.

0RBITALIS Launch Trailer

From developer Alan Zucconi, awarded as DEVELOP’s “30 under 30”, and published by Mastertronic, 0RBITALIS takes you on a journey through star systems far and wide. Launch your probe around planets and stars, and top the leaderboards with the best timed score in more than 100 levels through 12 sectors.

Immerse yourself in Doseone’s (Samurai Gunn, Nuclear Throne) ethereal, minimalist music and audio exclusively composed for 0RBITALIS. Create your own stages in the Steam Workshop Map Editor, then challenge your friends, family and the rest of the Steam community.

Features include:

Story mode: explore 100 levels in 12 sectors, each one with its own unique gameplay mechanic
Steam Workshop Map Editor for players to create and share their own levels with the Steam community
39 achievements to discover and unlock
Localized in German, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Italian
Music and audio by composer Doseone
A special Supernova edition containing the full game, backgrounds, artbook and soundtrack from Doseone is now available on Steam.

Gravity – Study it, trick it, defeat it. All with a single click.

Steam – 25% discount for launch week

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