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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered is now available!

Modern Warfare Remastered is now officially available as a standalone title on PS4, Xbox 1 and PC. Re-live one of the most critically acclaimed games in history and reacquaint yourself with old friends like Soap and Captain Price. Get ready to rain down lead on enemy combatants from an AC-130 and get back to your multiplayer roots with classic maps like Vacant, Bog and Overgrown. It’s the gritty game you know so well, remastered, reinvigorated and ready for action.

The release of Modern Warfare Remastered is just in time for you to enjoy your Summer Playcation – Days of Summer. Check out what’s happening this week in MWR:

Prop Hunt – Your new favorite game mode is here for Days of Summer. In this fun mode, you alternate between hiding and hunting different props. You could be a wrecked car, a palm tree, an oil barrel or just about any other thing you see on a map. Head to the Weekend Warfare playlist and Prop yourself up from now until August 4 at 10AM PDT.

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