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Getting Trolled for Cam Sex on Xbox Live?!

Written By Alana Evans-

If you’re on the internet, it’s no surprise to see pop up windows offering conversations with women. We’ve all clicked a link here and there that led us to a naughty place. We expect the spam mail and the pop up windows on our computers, but would you expect them on your console via private messages to your gamertag? Well shockingly enough, this new trend is taking gamers by surprise as I type this story.

Imagine you’re online playing some Gears of War when you see a notification of a new message from an unfamiliar gamer tag. The conversation starts with a simple heya bb….

After reading through the messages, you can see just how scketchy it truly is!. I decided to check the website link and it screams SCAM. The name on the page doesn’t match the name of the gamer tag the message originated from, so you clearly aren’t actually being invited by so called “gamer girl.” The grammar skills, or lack there of, as if trying to relate to young people, make this trolling scam even more dangerous. Imagine the message is sent to a underage kid on Xbox Live? Those kids aren’t likely to understand that they are being scammed by a cam site, and could very well end up digging out mommy’s credit card!

Besides the obvious concerns of underage kids being trolled, the idea that our gamertags are readily available for any joe schmoe, or in this case Cammie Spammie, to use in an effort to sell you their products is pretty gnarly. One user reported to PwnedByGirls that as they were talking about it online to their friends, others in the party stated they had received similar messages from different users.

So a heads up guys…. if she’s not trying to get you to game with her, and she wants your money, it may be a scam!

After initially writing this story, I noticed a strange message from an unknown contact in my own xbox live account. when I checked their profile, they had ZERO achievement points, hadn’t played any games, yet added a ton of friends each day. So I replied to their message saying “hey” but I have yet to receive a reply. Darn.

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