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LilBlueBox hits a 8 hour stream on Twitch!

One of our favorite streamers and co-host of the PwnedByGirls Podcast, LilBlueBox, hit Twitch hard last week giving viewers a solid 8 hour stream! Known for her kick-ass crotchet skills, LilBlueBox is a massive creative streamer and spent some serious time last week making awesome figures for her viewers and customers. While you may definitely learn a thing or two from LilBlueBox about crocheting, her hilarious commentary is watch keeps viewers locked into her page! As a Twitch and Discord partner, streaming with her crew Knotty By Nature keeps her very busy! Check out her latest stream below! To get all the info about where to find LilBlueBox, visit her website!

Watch live video from LILBLUEBOXox on

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