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A little known Star Wars Audition…

Every once in a while, you stumble upon a rare opportunity and you must drop everything and go! One such occasion came up this week, when I was offered comp’d tickets from my good friend Julian Douglas to see 80’s band Berlin. Being the massive fan that I am, the school girl inside of me squealed with joy as I imagined myself as a child dancing around and singing Terri Nunn’s iconic words and idolizing her every move.

I never imagined Terri could be any cooler in my eyes, until the show at the House of Blues in Anaheim at their new Garden Walk location. Normally I don’t discuss concerts on this website, but what occurred in front of myself and others is a moment that I must share with all my nerd friends. Terri Nunn, the lead singer of Berlin, actually auditioned for the role of Princess Leia! During the concert, Terri played the actual footage from her audition where she read lines with Harrison Ford. As a massive Star Wars fan, I was so excited to capture the moment on my cellphone for you all to enjoy!  While the footage is shot with my cellphone, you can still clearly enjoy the clip. Terri even talks about it at the end, and says she’s happy she didn’t get the job!  Pretty cool to see some of Carrie FIsher’s competition.

Alana Evans is the founder and owner of She is an obsessed gamer, streamer, and reviewer. A former video game reviewer for HighTimes Magazine, she also hosted the Naughty Gamer show for Playboy Radio. She currently hosts the PwnedByGirls Podcast and streams live on Twitch.

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