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A few years back, I had the awesome chance to attend e3 under my Naughty Gamers show for Playboy Radio. Myself and my good friend/ fellow PBG gamer girl Missy Martinez were lucky enough to be invited to the Xbox One briefing. This is where I met Gernard. He was with co-workers from Skull Candy and Astro Gaming. We instantly connected as friends and began a great relationship. We even hosted an event that Gernard put together with a few other gamers for the release of Saints Row 4. Initially the event was sponsored by the company, but they eventually pulled out because of our adult affiliation. No harm, no foul. But Gernard didn’t feel this way about it. He worked hard to get our event held somewhere else, as he was embarrassed that we were being treated this way. At that moment, I knew I would always have a true friend in Gernard. After the event, Missy and I were gifted the awesome headset I game with still today. It’s a sick custom Astro headset with my picture on one side, and my PwnedByGirls logo and Naughty Gamers logo for the other side. I will always cherish this gift, and I will always cherish you, Gernard.

I learned yesterday that Gernard passed away during Thanksgiving time and I’m absolutely devastated by the news. Gernard was an amazing friend, who was thoughtful, kind, and a beautiful soul. RIP my Asian Ken.

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