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Alana Evans LIVE STREAMS for Vidfall!

Alana Evans, our very own SuperPinkNinja, will be testing out new indie games every week for Vidfall. Humpday will never be the same again. Every Wednesday, from 5pm PST/ 8pm EST, Alana will play a different game each week and will hook you up with a great price for each game she plays!

Last week, for her introductory stream, Alana played Adventure in the Tower of Flight! This awesome side scroller was a ton of fun and quite tough! The beginning levels were easy enough, but the struggle was reall when it came to final level she played! The stream was quite popular, with selling out of STEAM keys for the game!

This coming Wednesday, Alana will be playing LOOT HERO DX. While it’s another side scroller, the game play is very different, but the action is just as intense. Join us for the next live show and sign up with to score the best tech deals!

Watch live video from AlanaEvans on Twitch

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