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Comic Cons, Catfishing with Aquaman, and POPS! PwnedByGirls Podcast Episode July 24, 2018

Last night on the PwnedByGirls Podcast, your hosts Alana Evans LilBlueBox and Penny Lane talked about San Diego Comic Con 2018, the highs and lows of the show. The ladies also discussed Aquaman hunk Jason Momoa speaking out about a troll impersonating him, and Alana’s experience being catfished by his copycat. Funko Pops addiction, Riverdale obsessions, and James Gunns’ pervy tweets round out the rest of the conversation! To listen to the broadcast, click the player below and enjoy! The show is also available for download on iTunes! Subscribe and listen to all of our past episodes! To listen to us live, catch us Tuesday’s at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST on our Demon Seed Radio player.

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