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Do you love role playing with your friends, throwing the dice, and watching the chaos unfold? So do we! Now we get to show you every Tuesday night! Alana has been invited to join the cast of The Spartan Show as they live stream Legends: Throught The Shadows Dungeons and Dragons on Twitch! Eleanora “Marvisha” Snowden, a half elf fighter who loves to dance in blood, is played by Alana. The Dungeon Master for each round is Spartan, who has an incredible way of driving the story for our crew. Other characters include Emil the Healer, Gavin the Swordsman, Dink the fiesty Gnome, and Dao the half elf Ranger. Every player of the game is live streamed in, and we play using Fantasy Grounds, so you can enjoy all aspects of the game as we play!

Every Tuesday night join us for our four hours stream!! from 10pm-2am PST/ 1am-5am EST. If you miss the live stream, you can always catch our past broadcast on twitch!

Watch live video from TheSpartanShow on

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