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E3 Announcement! Brand New South Park Sequel coming!

maxresdefaultWe’re huge fans of the South Park television show, and have been since the beginning. The childish perverted humor is perfect for our mindset, as well as millions of others around the world. South Park: The Stick of Truth was an awesome role playing game based on different episodes of the show, but mainly the “Game of Thrones” parody. The game was absolutely hilarious, just like the show, so needless to say the legion of SP fans jumped for joy at today’s announcement from Ubisoft and new trailer. South Park: The Fractured But Whole looks as if it will shred the Stick of Truth into sawdust!

The boys will be playing as their super hero characters, alongside Cartman’s Coon! YES!!! Super Hero Action! You are sill the New Kid, and just like before, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny join in the story too. Their awesome alter egos include Mysterion, Toolshed, Human Kite, Mosquito, and Mint Berry Crunch. You help fight crime in the darker side of South Park.

The trailer gives little insight into the gameplay other than their intentions of changing the fighting sequence. I love the idea of actually being able to fight with weapons and powers, instead of controlled sequences. The sneak peak definitely leaves you wanting more! Check it out here!

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