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E3 Announcement- New Gears of War game on the way!

sparta_character_e3marketing_final_opt-540x250-7e793edf8c32420ebcbee32eb67491ccI hope you have your COG tags ready, because coming this August, you’ll need them! The makers of Gears of War are dusting off the older versions and giving them a snazzy new upgrade to the Xbox One console! The original title has been remastered to 1080p and 60fps, plus new content added! You can even play online at 60fps! Many feel like the first Gears was the best, and those fans will definitely be scoring this remade version.

Even bigger news than the remastered Next Gen version, was the tease of a new Gears of War 4. During the Xbox press event today, the people at The Coalition played a sample of the upcoming release. It’s looks to be the most realistic GOW we’ve seen to date. The graphics look intense and the beasts are intimidating to say the least. Being a huge Gears of War fan, I must say this was one of the biggest announcements of the day for me. The upcoming game wont be released until the 2016 Holiday season. Oh the agony! Here’s some footage from today’s event-

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