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Master Gio scored with STAR WARS MILFS!

AEE16_0170bas My awesome friend and fellow nerd, Master Gio, was running around AEE and caught some great photos. He was getting great photos and interviews for his blog, Words From The Master. I first met Gio online a while back, and we instantly connected over our love of porn and geek culture. When he spotted me in my R2D2 gear, he told me another hot MILF, Jodi West, was rocking a sexy Storm Trooper get up, and I had to see. This was my first time meeting future legend Jodi, so I was very excited! To see another hot MILF showing her love for STAR WARS at an adult con made my heart fill with geeky love! Be sure to check out Master Gio’s awesome blog. He hits up lots of comic cons and porn shows, so I can guarantee you’ll be glad you did! Thanks to Master Gio for letting me steal this awesome pic with Jodi West!

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