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Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, tapped for King’s Quest game!

Written By- Alana Evans July 22, 2015
It is common practice these days for video game developers to bring on famous actors to perform voices for characters in video games. Many of our favorite actors often make the leap into voice acting because video games make a ton of money, and it can be exciting for gamers to play and listen to their favorites. Many actors love video games themselves, so I’m sure they love the chance to be featured in their favorite titles. Some go as far as naming their children after their favorite characters. One of the world’s favorite comedians, the late Robin Williams, named his daughter Zelda, after his favorite Nintendo title. Well the love for gaming in the Williams’ family has taken a new turn! Zelda Williams has been brought on to voice a character in the upcoming release, King’s Quest : A Knight to Remember. She voices the character Amaya Blackstone. The game also features Christopher Lloyd, Wallace Shawn, Tom Kenny, Josh Keaton, and Maggie Elizabeth Jones.

The famed series of games, King’s Quest, has been brought back to life thanks to Activision Blizzard and The Odd Gentlemen. When Activision announced they were bringing back Sierra Games, after acquiring the rights, they reached out to The Odd Gentlemen to revamp the popular game. While the new title isn’t a sequel or a remake, you walk through memory lane with King Graham as he tells his life story to his grand daughter, Gwendolyn.

The trailer gives you a tease of the beautiful animation, but it is tough to decipher actual gameplay. There will be new episodes released on a set schedule, with the first episode released on July 28 for PC, PS3, and PS4.  Xbox fans get their release July 29. Check out the trailer below!


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