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Shadow Warrior 2 hits consoles!

Written by Alana Evans

Do you love gory, blood splattering game play with intense battles? Then Shadow Warrior 2 is right up your alley. I was recently hooked up with the BIG WANG Edition of the game from Special Reserve Games and my crew from Mecha Wolf so I was eager to play with my WANG! The badass Ninja Assassin Lo Wang is back for more brutality in this sequel to the first person shooter from Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital. While the Windows version was released back in October of 2016, console fans are finally getting their chance to get LO!

As the game begins, the opening video is enough to perfectly set the tone for this awesomely over the top title. Listening to You Got The Touch on his car radio, Wang makes quite the entrance, crashing into the first scene, rolling off of a cliff basically unharmed. With raunchy humor and sarcastic wit, this game appeals to the inappropriate side of us all.

The graphics of the game are quite impressive but can definitely push the limits of your PC. Being a console gamer, it’s obvious my preference is to play via my PS4 or Xbox One. The PC version supports use of a controller, but the hotkey action isn’t too difficult to navigate. I’m a total NOOB when it comes to playing on my PC simply because I am clumsy with keyboard controls. I move like a turtle, and it’s not the mutant ninja kind.

Lucky for a keyboard clutz like myself, there are four different difficulty levels to choose from, each with their own crafty name. Each level summary describes the actual incentives regarding defensive points, damages, and health levels. Most games don’t get this specific when it comes to diffculties, so this feature is quite impressive and makes choosing your level based on your ability much easier.

With the console release, Special Reserve Games is offering several different Shadow Warrior 2 bundles that are worth checking out. You can score a PS4 copy, Steam Key, and some pretty cool gear from the game! Visit Special Reserve Games for more info.

Alana Evans is the founder and owner of She is an obsessed gamer, streamer, and reviewer. A former video game reviewer for HighTimes Magazine, she also hosted the Naughty Gamer show for Playboy Radio. She currently hosts the PwnedByGirls Podcast and streams live on Twitch.

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