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We love The Witcher 3!

It’s official! The highly anticipated game, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt from CD Projekt Red is here! I’ve waited nearly three years, and after a day of playing, I can easily say it was worth the wait! Available for both Xbox and Playstation, if you didn’t preorder, you’re likely the proud owner of a downloaded copy. Yes, the disk version of the game was sold out at many stores. You can chalk it up to the incredible graphics and well, the hot nudity! I must admit, it was my quest for naughty video games with sexual scenes that lead me to the Witcher series. But the incredible story, character abilities, and sarcastic dialogue kept me entertained.
You play as Geralt, the Witcher you’ve grown to love from past titles. The white haired, ripped chest tough guy is not only great with a bladed weapon, but his Witcher abilities make him a well rounded killing machine. He can use telekinesis, fire power, and mind tricks to handle his foes.
Besides playing as Geralt, you get the opportunity to complete the mission “Ciri’s Story,” and play as Ciri! She is incredible. Not only sexy, but she completely kicks ass. Ciri has different abilities than Geralt, and moves much faster. She slices monsters with her sword with ease. Defensively, instead rolling to the side, she glides from side to side leaving a bright blue haze behind her. This is one ability I wish Geralt had!
There are definitely some awesome upgrades to this new installment of the Witcher. Using your magical skills is a lot easier than before, and the controls are a lot smoother. You have easy access to multiple weapons, and can upgrade your items.
One of my favorite new additions to the game is the horse riding. Your horse, Roach, can be called to any area and ridden with ease. You can trot, and even Gallup. One of my favorite things about controlling the horse is if you hold down the X button while on a trail, Roach will automatically follow it, giving your hands a break.
Even though I’m just a few missions in, I’m already in love with the game. I’ve been breaking my own gaming session records, playing around the clock! While it’s available for both Xbox and PS4, this time I went with the PS4 version. The download didn’t take too long, and it’s seemingly glitch free. Be sure to pick up your copy!





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