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Xbox One finally gives fans reverse compatibility!


The announcement that every Xbox fan has waited for came today during the Microsoft Xbox E3 event! With an upcoming update to the next gen console, fans will be able to play some of their favorite XBOX 360 titles on their Xbox One! There are a few upsides and a few downsides to this change, but for the most part, this ability will ensure console sales shoot through the roof this Christmas.

The update will work on every Xbox One console, and give users immediate access to their previously downloaded purchase from their Xbox 360, provided those titles have been approved and upgraded for release. This means that developers must approve their title for the new re-release. I expect most developers won’t have issue, since it will almost guarantee new sales of old titles. For example, if you didn’t start play Assassin’s Creed until Black Flag, you’ll most likely be able to purchase the previous installments and enjoy them all on one console. This is quite awesome.

Another great feature of the backwards compatibility is that upon inserting a 360 game disk, if the Xbox One can’t play from the disk, provided its a readable disk and not damaged, it will prompt a download of the digital version and you are set. The only downside about that is running out of space for all your awesome games!

The update won’t be available for Xbox One until the upcoming Holiday season. I’m sure we can survive the wait! For those of you don’t have an Xbox One, you’ll also be happy to know they’ve lowered the price to $349.

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